The Key Benefits of Oil of Oregano


Oreganol is a natural product and healthy nutritional supplement made from the precious oil of wild oregano. The active ingredient in this product is carvacrol. Many clinical studies have suggested that oregano products offer numerous health benefits. Oregano oil varies in grade, with the highest grade being referred to as Oreganol P73. The oil can be used as a topical application, or can be taken orally, often as drops under the tongue. This oral method is what many people find to be the most convenient.

Herbalists utilize Oreganol to deal with a number of illness and conditions, like athlete’s feet, burning, difficult and digestive problems. a 2007 study in Georgetown University discovered that Oreganol efficiently kills certain kinds of fungi and bacteria.

An Organic and Natural Product

Many organizations, for example North American Herb and Spice, offer Oreganol which is free of pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers as well as chemical substance solvents. A lot of this really is wild-crafted oregano oil based, that is considered to offer superior health advantages along with a unique chemical user profile.

Anti-germ Benefits

Oreganol consists of thymol as well as carvacrol, that are two very powerful antimicrobials. Both of these chemical components are proven to effectively kill 2 strains with Staphylococcus germs. It was reported within the Journal of Healthcare Microbiology. Additional numerous demonstrated Oreganol P73 to work from the yeast Yeast infection. Additionally, it may kill the herpes virus that triggers the normal chilly, pneumonia along with other respiratory bacterial infections.

Antioxidant Support

Based on the American Cancer society, oregano is among the world’s most powerful natural anti-oxidants. They have over 40 occasions more antioxidants compared to apples. It really is thought which carvacrol might help control heart problems, cancer along with other serious illnesses.

A Natural Anti-biotic

Oreganol is beneficial in combating several strains with pathogenic germs, such as the well known superbug MRSA. Based on a newly released article in Healthcare News These days, Oreganol beats 18 conventional anti-biotics in laboratory conditions. Currently, no human trials been performed, however it provides a possible alternative to pharmaceutical anti-biotics.

Anti-Parasitic Results

Studies have shown that Oreganol can kill or deteriorate many intestinal parasitic organisms. This provides a natural option to treat parasite illness in humans instead of depending on pharmaceutic drugs, which could have negative effects.

Daily Uses of Oreganol

* Oreganol could be applied straight to athlete’s feet, ringworm or even sunburn. This is an extremely effective therapy.
* Hpv warts are treated by soaking the ball of 100 % cotton with Oreganol as well as taping on the wart, along with taking five drops with Oreganol orally.
* 2 or 3 drops with Oreganol used orally (under the actual tongue) a couple of times each day is ideal for upper respiratory health conditions.
* Oreganol can also be useful for both diarrhea as well as constipation. Get 2-3 drops orally a minimum of twice each day.
* 2 – 3 drops with Oreganol taken 2 – 3 times each day may also be helpful for bladder issues.

Just like all natural herbs, please seek advice from a physician before taking them. Herbal treatments may not be suitable for all conditions.